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Forgotten (Tombstone, #2) Kris Norris

Forgotten (Tombstone, #2)

Kris Norris

Published February 4th 2015
Kindle Edition
243 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A name he doesn’t recognize.U.S. Marshal Grant Winchester doesn’t exist. At least, Grant doesn’t remember the man he was. The life he left behind. All he knows is a constant hammering in his head, and a lust he can’t quite tame.A connection he can’t deny.Clint knows Grant’s his mate. From the moment he finds the man—beaten and bloody—he feels a pull only a shifter recognizes. There’s just one problem. Grant’s not the only one. Clint’s wolf is also drawn to Emma—the railway camp’s newly acquired doctor. And there’s no denying the woman calls to him with the same fevered need.A danger that lurks in the shadows.Doctor Emma Cartwright doesn’t know what attacked her new patient and left him for dead. Or why the good marshal seems to heal faster than normal. All she knows is that since Clint dragged the man through the door, she can’t stop thinking about him. About them. The three of them. But Grant’s not quite what he seems, and she has a bad feeling that he’ll never be truly free until he reclaims the path he lost. And remembers a past she fears might be better left forgotten.