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Rundblick 1 (L193 Beginners German, #1) OU Module Team

Rundblick 1 (L193 Beginners German, #1)

OU Module Team

Published December 1st 2003
ISBN : 9780749253097
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 About the Book 

The first Thema of Rundblick is about planning and preparing ajourney through German-speaking countries. You read and hearabout a range of places and people, some well-known, some notso well-known, and find out where exactly in the world German isspoken. You look at travel guides and phrase books, make advancebookings in German and learn the names of things you need toremember when travelling. And most importantly, this Thema isabout finding out what it’s like to read and listen to German inreal contexts, and about developing strategies and studying useful phrases, which will help you cope in a range of situations.This Thema [the second] is about arriving in a German-speaking country, gaining first impressions and making first contacts. You learn some of the language you need for arriving at an airport or a railway station, travelling by road or checking in at your accommodation. You also practise greeting the locals in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, enter into conversation with new acquaintances and join a sightseeing tour in Munich.