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Rogues Gallery Gentry Thomason

Rogues Gallery

Gentry Thomason

ISBN : 9781425743130
184 pages
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 About the Book 

From age to age human nature and human reality are ever the same. We live in an imperfect world- we are flawed creatures. The glory of being alive in a beautiful world is compromised by the complexities of existence and the proclivities to which we are all vulnerable.Greek myths advise us of these truths- contemporary realities continually inform us of our checkered condition. Managing ones fortuity and personal growth is an endless challenge that demands eternal vigilance and a careful eye to ones desired prosperity. Living ones inner life in an extraverted world can make for tricky business. Life is a struggle- roadblocks and obstacles surround us. We are all in this together. We choose, individually, to make a heaven of this hell or a hell of this heaven. Along the way, we inevitably encounter and experience a baseline of human roguery that is our natural inheritance. All are born into original sin. Describing that condition and contemplating how to escape its circumstance is a preoccupation of Rogues Gallery. Recognizing such truths is a fi rst step on the road to recovery and to wholeness, wholesomeness, and balanced well-being.