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For the Love of Erika Wayne Greenough

For the Love of Erika

Wayne Greenough

Published November 11th 2006
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In his dreams Hawkins OBrien is in love with a woman he does not remember when he is awake. He does recall certain details of his dream and he is undergoing psychiatric treatment to solve his seemingly nightmarish problem. But does he really want to find out who she is and why he dreams of her? There is the possibility that such a discovery might end the dream and he loves the dream woman. So why destroy her? Hawks psychiatrist, his father, Shanna Mason, who is Hawks girlfriend, and private detective Templeton Gordon try to save Hawk from his own emotions that could possibly destroy him. But can they? Maybe Hawk is too far gone into his dream world to be pulled out of it. Maybe Hawk will do anything to keep his dream and the woman he truly loves.