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The Door Jay Parr

The Door

Jay Parr

Published March 19th 2013
ISBN : 9781622954568
238 pages
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 About the Book 

After being married to the same man for nearly 40 years, I found myself at a place I hadnt wanted to be, hadnt asked to be, and hadnt planned to be. The physical loss of my love, my hero, my best friend, was devastating, but the fear of a future without him is terrifying. All our hopes, dreams, and plans are gone! As a married couple, we were a team. He had my back, and I had his. Now there is a huge void, and all the uncomforting platitudes voiced by relatives and friends can not convince me that, Everything is going to be alright. With the peace and comfort that comes from God, I might survive, but after being married for decades, it is foolishness to expect a new widow to, Just move on. It takes someone who has walked in these shoes to understand the dark place that is currently mine, and so many other widows and widowers.