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My Face To The Enemy Matthew C. Bumgarner

My Face To The Enemy

Matthew C. Bumgarner

ISBN : 9781931058025
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 About the Book 

My Face to the Enemy is a collection of the memories of the Confederate soldiers who served during the Civil War with the Sixth North Carolina State Troops. The 6th NC was involved in nearly all major battles with the Army of Northern Virginia, and included such distinctions as the first troops ever carried by rail into battle, and capturing Cemetery Hill at the battle of Gettysburg. The history of the regiment is penned by the captain of Company D, Neill Ray, circa 1899. Another chapter tells of the death of Issac Avery, the regiment commander who scrawled a note to his aged father in his own blood as he lay dying on the Gettysburg plain. Reconstruction era letters between Captain Neill Ray and another of the regiments commander, Colonel Samuel McDowell Tate add spice to the history of the men during the war and after.Finally, one of the first Confederate Memorial day addresses, circa 1880, is included. Penned by Colonel Tate, it is a sorrowful, mourning view of his fallen comrades and amazingly courageous given the prevailing political views of the day.