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Delta: Americas Elite Counterterrorist Force Terry Griswold

Delta: Americas Elite Counterterrorist Force

Terry Griswold

Published July 28th 2005
Kindle Edition
128 pages
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 About the Book 

This book has a detailed background on the history of the Delta Force and Colonel Chargin Charlie Beckwiths attempts to closely mirror the make-up and training of the British SAS, as well as gives several examples of recent operations (especially the failed hostage-rescue attempt in Iran and missions destroying Scuds during Operation Desert Storm.) Despite the fact that the Pentagon refuses to acknowledge the existence of Special Forces Operational Detachment--Delta, (loosely referred to as The Delta Force), this book alleviates any doubt as to whether or not they do indeed exist and are successfully eliminating the ever-growing terrorist threat to the United States. The book also gives a profile of the typical Delta trooper, and the day-to-day tasks and training that he will perform. Over all, I have to give this book a high rating- afterall, there are very few good books on the market today about this particular subject.This was first published in 1992, but thankfully this edition was published in 2005, so it isnt completely out of date. There are some good stories of Delta operations in Iraq and Afghanistan that you will only sparingly read about in other sources.