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Beneath the Tree of Heaven (Chung Kuo, #5) David Wingrove

Beneath the Tree of Heaven (Chung Kuo, #5)

David Wingrove

ISBN : 9780450602993
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 About the Book 

The spellbinding saga of the future continues in the year 2211. The Seven Tang, the ruling dictatorship of the solar system, is weakened by the birth of a special child, and the forces of rebellion and change are spreading from the mega-cities of Earth to a secretive, planet-wide conspiracy on Mars. For generations the Tang have controlled with mind manipulation and teams of black-clad assassins. But the human urge for freedom cannot be stilled by murder or seduction. Now, as a mad, blood-thirsty ruler plots a coup from within the Tang, Hans Ebert, his famous face obscured forever behind a mask, begins a new fight for power and love on the red soil of Mars. Revolution may finally free the long-shackled masses, or it may spread unimaginable destruction sufficient to level a world--and the hopes of all worlds to come. The Chung Kuo series brings future centuries to life, portraying men and women caught between great powers fighting for dominance...and yearning for ageless passions for all that life holds dear.